Hundreds of thousands of international travelers passed through DIA this summer, setting a new record high

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Security lines at DIA. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

DIA is seeing record numbers of travelers come through their hallways, standing and walking along its moving walkways, and this summer has seen some particularly big increases in international travelers.

This July brought 284,312 international passengers to the airport, making it the second busiest month for international travel in the airport’s history. It's right behind this June, which saw 291,383 international travelers at the airport.

“We are very happy to see sustained growth in passenger traffic, which includes a 21 percent increase in international travelers compared to July 2017,” CEO Kim Day said in a press release.

All told in July, 6.1 million travelers came through DIA. It's the first time the airport has served more than 6 million people in one month.

This record-breaking month is not an anomaly; it's the latest in a much longer trend of increased business at the airport. In fact, Denver has seen consecutive increases in travelers every month since October, and as the airport continues to add flight routes, DIA believes it's on pace to set an annual passenger traffic record by the end of the year.

A significant portion of those added flights routes have been to international destination, which has led to a steep increase in the number of international travelers coming through Denver.

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