Now that the election is over, let’s talk about the election. Denver’s next vote is May 7, 2019!

Mayors and maybe mushrooms are coming your way.
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A Denver City Council meeting. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Don't exhale yet.

Okay exhale but then inhale this: Denver voters have a municipal election -- city-only stuff -- coming up in five months. The 2019 election could result in a new mayor. It will definitely result in at least one new city councilperson. Plus we might vote on psychedelic mushrooms?

Know this:

Ten people want to hold Denver's most powerful office... so far.

It's a ten-legged race to become Denver's next mayor. Right this way for a snippet on each one of the candidates.

We've got five potential ballot measures, from minimum wages to magic mushrooms.

You might get to decide whether to legalize psychedelic spores. Or perhaps you're more interested in mainstream stuff like homelessness, the Olympics and minimum wages. Here's what's on the ballot so far.

40 people are running for city council... so far.

Don't worry -- you only have to vote for three: the candidate running in your district plus two at-large reps for the entire city. City Councilman Paul López is the only sitting pol who can't run again because of term limits.

We'll start profiling the candidates and covering the races this month, but for now, here's a list.

You'll also vote for clerk and auditor.

Councilman López is running for clerk and recorder against Margaret "Peg" Perl.

Sitting auditor Timothy O'Brien is running unopposed so far.

Here are the dates to know.

January 7: Last day to file completed petitions for ballot initiatives.

March 13: Deadline to file petitions for citywide office.

April 15 - 19: Ballots drop. The Denver Elections Division couldn't tell us the exact date, but that's the range.

April 15: Drop-boxes open

April 22: Last day to register as a write-in candidate.

April 29: Vote centers open

May 7: Election Day. That's about 262,000 minutes away.

June 4: Run-off election day, if necessary.

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