At $553,371 in April, Denver metro housing prices hit an all-time high

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Stapleton residences as seen from a hill in Central Park. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Average area housing prices have hit an all-time high, the Denver Metro Association of Realtors said Friday.

In its latest trend report, the association said the average single-family home sold for $553,371 in April, higher than the group has seen since it has been tracking the market. That was up 4.55 percent over the previous month and 1.51 percent over the previous April, often a big month for prices.

"I can't imagine any time that the prices were higher before," said Jill Schafer, who chairs the association's market trends committee. "Going over $550,000 is kind of a big deal."

"To me, this market is good for both buyers and sellers," she added, saying buyers could embrace lower interest rate and greater choices because inventories are up.

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