We don’t report a lot of mayoral endorsements, but this one is from Hillary Clinton

The former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator says she’s been watching the race — and she likes Hancock.
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Hillary Clinton at in Denver in June 2016. (Chloe Aiello/Denverite)

Former Secretary of State, Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday took to Twitter to hop into Denver's mayoral race, endorsing incumbent Michael Hancock.

"Watching the mayor's race in Denver and pulling for @MayorHancock-he's a proven progressive leader who will work hard for Colorado," Clinton said in a tweet Friday.

Hancock has pulled endorsements from some heavy-hitters both in Colorado (like former governor and current presidential candidate John Hickenlooper) and on the national stage (like presidential candidate and fellow Mayor Pete Buttigieg). But Clinton, who was the first woman to clinch a major-party presidential nomination in 2016, tops the list for biggest name.

Hancock is a Democrat, though Denver's municipal elections are nonpartisan.

Hancock and his opponent, Jamie Giellis, launched their runoff campaigns earlier this week, with Giellis earning the support of her former rivals in the mayor's race -- Lisa Calderón and Penfield Tate.

Election Day is June 4.

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