Meaningless poll: Beer fest or spiked seltzer fest?

Not everything has a purpose, guys.
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Welcome to the Denverite booze wars. Aug. 27, 2019. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Colorado is home to a few breweries. More than 10, it seems like. (Denverite readers recently told us which one they think is the best one.) There was even a Colorado guy running for president on some kind of beer platform. But some people don’t like beer in the summer or don’t like beer at all. And some of those people have happily jumped on a rising trend of spiked, flavored seltzers — there’s even a seltzer festival coming up in Denver.

And now there’s some disagreement within the Denverite office on the matter, and we’d like your help settling the debate. Which would be better to attend, a beer fest or a seltzer fest?

So naturally, we’re asking the smartest, most attractive people in Denver — Denverite readers.

The arguments

SELTZER FEST: I’m not actually sure I would attend a spiked seltzer festival. Almost definitely not. But, friends, bubbly booze water has revolutionized my summer. It’s light, it’s fruity, it doesn’t make me feel like I’ve eaten a loaf of bread, and I think it might hydrate just a little bit. It’s water on some level. (Even if that’s not scientifically true, the placebo effect is good enough for me.) It’s a nearly perfect poolside or lakeside or park or boat booze beverage. (The only truly perfect drink is water. Stay hydrated.) -AD

BREW FEST: There’s a long history of beer festivals in Denver. Some are huge, like the Great American Beer Festival, which is the gold-standard for gold-medal-awarding in beer. Some are smaller and more targeted — think Collaboration Fest, totally focused on beer projects between multiple breweries. If you do it right, you can sample an awful lot of great, rare beers all in one place — and likely see some costumes, too. -DB

NEITHER: You don’t have to go to things. You could just not go. It would be fine, you could do other stuff.

The voting

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