Denver Police are creating areas for you to safely exchange that toaster you sold on Craigslist

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Police parked outside Denver’s City and County Building during a lockdown Wed., Feb. 27, 2019. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

The Denver Police Department is creating designated areas at six district stations where people can safely exchange stuff they sold online in person.

These Safe Trade Zones will be marked off by white lines and signs. The areas will be monitored by security cameras.

Signs notifying the public of Safe Trade Zones will be posted at police district offices.

Temporary signs in English and Spanish are being installed at parking spaces at the stations. Department spokesperson Jay Casillas said they're working on painting parking spots marking areas within the camera's line of sight. Signs will also be posted on the station's doors.

Casillas said the department has received robbery calls in the past for sales started online with exchanges done in person.

"This is just another option, a safe option," Casillas said. "There are cameras, officers here. It's something to do to be safe when trading with somebody."

The six district station include:

  • 1311 West 46th Ave. (District 1)
  • 3921 N. Holly St. (District 2)
  • 1625 South University Blvd. (District 3)
  • 2100 South Clay St. (District 4)
  • 4685 Peoria St. (District 5)
  • 1566 Washington St. (District 6)

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