Have you seen any ants? This person needs ants. (And other small Denver problems)

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Very excited tiny dogs in a window in the Curtis Park Historic District. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

By now you are certainly familiar with our very real monthly series Small Problems Faced by Denver, wherein we trawl Reddit and Nextdoor for smaller problems and share them because we genuinely want to help but also because we crave problems that are more solvable than a pandemic right now.

You help yes?

Please share your suggested solutions to these problems with us, or your mundane problems, on Twitter. This is a safe space.

Wanted: Ants

Not wanted: Your garbage

When your favorite restaurant changes the menu

It's almost like he waits to pee inside of the house on purpose

People are still not parking correctly


Silly goose :))

(Also it's Grasmere Lake ?. Also also our former editor had the same curiosity and Twitter had a lot of answers.)

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