Things Denver is doing while socially distancing: Round four of the bracket

These four options probably describe your house.
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This is still amusing.

Welcome back, sports fans, to the competition of the era. We're down to just four contenders.

I must say, these all describe my house pretty well, where The Office (or Adventure Time) is usually on while baked goods are popping out of the oven sometime before or after video pilates, and there's probably a drink to be found nearby.

But only two will survive this round.

"Get Fit" won by the narrowest margin, with just 7 percent over "Deep Clean Everything."

"Rewatch Six Seasons of Something" earned a 73 percent victory, but I'm grateful and amused that 200 people opted for "Mutter" in that race. Keep shaking your fists, curmudgeons. Don't ever stop.

Things have gotten real.

Here's the form to vote in this hallowed final four. You can also get it directly here.

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