DPD seeks legal action after Denverite photo of Chief Pazen was used in a Trump campaign video

Hart Van Denburg’s photo is featured in a Trump campaign video that was pulled from Twitter for copyright infringement.
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A screenshot from the Trump campaign’s “Healing Not Hatred” video found on Youtube. It was pulled from Twitter after it was posted on June 3. (Photo by Hart Van Denburg for CPR News. Video by President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.)

President Donald Trump's reelection campaign clashed with Twitter this week when the social media company blocked a video posted by the campaign, citing copyright violations. The video, titled "Healing Not Hatred," was posted on June 3 and features the president's voice layered with images that appear to have been taken from social media accounts and news organizations. One photo, featuring Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen, was taken by CPR News' Hart Van Denburg. It leads a June 1 story in Denverite about Pazen's participation in a peaceful protest.

A Twitter representative told Recode they pulled the video after "valid copyright complaints sent to us by a copyright owner or their authorized representatives."

The Trump campaign told Recode Twitter had censored the ad.

Denver Police released a statement on Friday evening: "Chief Pazen did not consent to the use of his image in this video." The department is "in the process of taking legal action to have the photo removed."

DPD hasn't clarified if the legal action is against the campaign.

"The Denver Police Department is a non-political agency and we do not endorse candidates for office," DPD's press release reads.

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