Meow Wolf Denver just announced its opening date, name, theme, and ticket sales

This September, Convergence Station will transport Denverites into new dimensions.
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Meow Wolf Denver, C Street.
Kate Russell

Immersive art group Meow Wolf sent out a cryptic message last week: "remember to remember" August 3 (today).

Well, we now know that Meow Wolf's Denver installation -- the group's largest so far -- will open on September 17 at 1338 1st St., just off W. Colfax Ave., and tickets are on sale now.

The new installation will be called Convergence Station. As some fans predicted, the installation is centered on "QDOT," or the "Quantum Department of Transportation," which features heavily in the Kaleidoscape ride at Elitch Gardens. QDOT allows travelers to cross between universes via the "TRAM," or Transmonic Rift Access Mechanism system. According to the installation's website, Convergence Station is Earth's first multiversal transit station, which offers "full commuter service to the Convergence: four alien worlds joined together in a rare cosmic event - a place where memories are currency."

The Cathedral deep within Meow Wolf's Ice World, Denver.
Kate Russell
A character strolling through Meow Wolf Denver's Ice World.
Kate Russell
"CataCombs" in Meow Wolf Denver.
Kennedy Cottrell

The stations the line serves, per an Instagram post, are "C Street," "Eemia," "Ossuary" and "Numina." One page on the installation's website says that when the four worlds collided, the impact created "Memory Storms," which scattered "memories, backstories, and personas" out into the worlds, creating a state of disarray and forcing the worlds to carve out a harmonious future. The worlds formed the "Convergence Exchange," a memory banking organization that helps collect the displaced memories and return them to their creators. It also allows clients to adopt memories that are not their own.

Per a press release, the Convergence also led to the disappearance of four women. Visitors can explore "kaleidoscopic cathedrals, Corinthian catacombs, lush alien habitats, and dazzling and gritty cityscapes," crawl through wormholes, travel through portals and interact with the multimedia installation to uncover the secret of what happened to the missing women, and why the worlds converged.

An installation at Meow Wolf Denver.
Kate Russell
A multidimensional "Sa-lawn" by artist Kyle Singer at Meow Wolf Denver.
Kennedy Cottrell
Meow Wolf characters exploring the past in the Library, part of Meow Wolf's Denver exhibit.
Kate Russell

At no extra cost, guests can also request an optional QPASS, a card that gives you access to the "memories" of the citizens of each world and takes you deeper into the secret stories hidden in the installation. Visitors can view their collected memories at Memory ATMs or online after they leave Convergence Station and use them to piece together the installation's secret narrative. They can also use their QPASS to help return memories to their original creators or to interact with the exhibition's other hidden, interactive Easter eggs.

The location at 1338 1st St. will be Meow Wolf's third after Santa Fe and Las Vegas. It'll also be the company's largest, at 90,000 square feet. Guests will explore four floors and dozens of immersive, interactive  installations designed by hundreds of artists, including more than 110 Colorado-based artists. At night, the space will be converted into an immersive performance venue outfitted with interactive tech and projection equipment.

Convergence Station opens September 17th, and will be open from 10 am until 10 pm  Sunday-Thursday, and until 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets are $35 for Colorado Residents, $45 for non-residents and $40 for Children, Seniors and Military.  You can buy tickets to Convergence Station now.

This article has been updated to clarify that the optional QPASS is included in the ticket price. 

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