Sloan’s Lake just got zoned for backyard homes

The rezoning will allow accessory dwelling units in a portion of the West Colfax neighborhood as well.
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An ADU and a sidewalk in Westwood. Aug. 18, 2020.
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

Sloan's Lake on Monday became just the second city neighborhood to get a large-scale rezoning approval letting people build little backyard homes -- also known as accessory dwelling units -- on their properties.

Denver City Council on Monday unanimously approved changing the zoning to permit the building of these little homes, which advocates say can help homeowners earn extra income and provide an affordable living space for people in the city.

The rezoning was supported by Councilwoman Amanda Sandoval, who represents Sloan's Lake. The approval also included properties in the West Colfax neighborhood. The change impacts all single-unit residential properties in Sloan's Lake and six properties in West Colfax. More than 1,400 parcels will be impacted by the change between the two neighborhoods.

Sandoval's office started exploring the idea of a neighborhood-wide rezoning due to the demand in ADU rezoning applications there since 2015. Her office said in a release the rezoning will save property owners time and money, though she said during Monday night's council meeting that a big chunk of the neighborhood can't build ADUs due minimum lot size requirements.

The first neighborhood to get such a wide-scale rezoning was Chaffee Park last year, which is also in Sandoval's district. A similar proposal is in the works for East Colfax.

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