Frida Kahlo is getting the Immersive Van Gogh treatment

This spring, Denverites can immerse themselves in digital recreations of the iconic artist’s work.
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Michael Brosilow.

An immersive Frida Kahlo experience is coming to Denver, and it's by the same team that created one of the travelling immersive Van Gogh experiences that recently passed through the city.

As part of its North American tour, FRIDA: IMMERSIVE DREAM will be staged at Lighthouse ArtSpace Denver (3900 Elati Street) from  March 3 - May 30, 2022.  Designed by digital artist Massimiliano Siccardi and set to a score by Luca Longobardi, the exhibition will display massive, projected digital reproductions of the beloved painter's artwork, The Two Fridas (1939), The Wounded Deer (1946) and Diego and I (1946), as well as photos of the artist and images of some of her influences.

Per the FRIDA: IMMERSIVE DREAM website, guests will stand immersed in 500,000 cubic feet of Frida's art displayed across 1,200,000 frames of projected video.

"In this piece, we will chase Frida's world, always in motion," Siccardi said in a statement. "We will discover her tenderness and hostilities by taking in her observations and fantasies. Our hope is that viewers will let themselves be penetrated by Frida's stories, and in so doing, live vicariously through her."

The installation is produced by Maestro Immersive Art and Lighthouse Immersive, the latter of which is behind Immersive Van Gogh, one of the two buzzy travelling immersive Van Gogh experiences that hit Denver this year. Immersive Van Gogh was wildly popular, selling millions of tickets in cities across North America, though it also sparked some criticism from art critics and fans of the artist, some of whom felt the experience was an "instagramification" of Van Gogh's work.

"The success of Immersive Van Gogh has demonstrated that audiences are excited to experience art in a new way," Lighthouse Immersive Producer Corey Ross said in a statement. "That said, Siccardi presents Kahlo's works in a format very distinct from that which he utilized in examining Van Gogh's. He does not try to unify the many styles Kahlo used in her lifetime, but instead, presents them to us as a series of kinetic tableaus that may initially contradict - but eventually illuminate - each other."

Lighthouse Immersive is also producing a Banksy exhibition, which will arrive in Denver in the spring of 2022.

Tickets to FRIDA: IMMERSIVE DREAM start at $39.99 and are on sale now. 

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