The Vincent van ‘Gram exhibit will be in Denver somewhere, we don’t know where, but tickets are on sale this weekend

Immersive Van Gogh uses projection to fill rooms with art and also people. But not too many people, because of the thing.
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Immersive Van Gogh Denver is coming soon. This is a picture of Immersive Van Gogh Chicago.
Courtesy Michael Brosilow

Some of the world's most famous paintings from artist Vincent van Gogh are coming to Denver. Well, sort of. Although the actual "Starry Night" and "Sunflowers" won't be here in their original form, it will be adapted into an immersive experience that visitors can walk through. Using projection to fill spaces from ceiling to floor, Immersive Van Gogh offers a different way to see and appreciate his post-impressionist works. The van Gogh-themed installation is slated to open in Denver on September 30th.

On their website, Immersive Van Gogh said it will offer van Gogh's works in animated form projected through 500,000 cubic square feet of space, giving visitors the chance to see details up close and all around them. Photos of the exhibit show the installation has built-in social distancing precautions, placing circles on the ground designated for guests to spread out through the cavernous spaces housing the projections. The show will also feature music by Luca Longobardi. And of course, there will be a gift shop to buy all your van Gogh-related trinkets and souvenirs.

Although no official location or end date has been announced yet, would-be visitors can sign up on Immersive Van Gogh's website for future information. Public tickets will go on sale here on March 27th. If you can't wait until the fall for your next art trip, the Denver Art Museum has a number of 19th Century artworks on display, including van Gogh's "Edge of Wheat Field with Poppies," open now.

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