The Congress Park pool should reopen by this summer

The city doesn’t have a hard date on its reopening yet.
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Lifeguard Marina Luna keeps an eagle eye over the pool as Anthem, who is 14, takes a dive. The La Alma Recreation Center, July 11, 2018. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

The renovated Congress Park pool should reopen to the public this summer, according to the city.

There's no hard reopening date, but transportation department spokesperson Nancy Kuhn told Denverite the project is in its homestretch. Staffers are applying epoxy paint to coat and waterproof the pool, though the paint must fully cure before the pool can be filled with water. Kuhn said the paint-curing process is weather-dependent.

So if the weather is warm and dry, the paint will cure faster. Colder temperatures, or even snow or rain, will delay the process.

The project is one of several paid for by the Elevate Denver Bond program passed by voters in 2017. It got $10.1 million for the renovation, according to city documents. The pool was built in 1955 and required renovations to accommodate growth in the neighborhood and to modernize it.

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