District 11 City Council race: Who’s running and what you need to know

In the Far Northeast, Councilmember Stacie Gilmore is running unopposed for her final term.
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Downtown Denver is very far away from Montbello. Nov. 18, 2021.
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District 11 represents Denver's Far Northeast, including Montbello, Green Valley Ranch and Denver International Airport. District 11 didn't lose or gain any neighborhoods in last year's redistricting, but its boundary line with District 8 did see slight changes, so if you live in Montbello you might want to double check your representative.

City Council District 11.
Data Source: Denver Elections Division
Data Source: Denver Elections Di

Who's Running?

Councilmember Stacie Gilmore is wrapping up her second term representing District 11, and is running unopposed for her third and final term. She's going on 30 years living in the district. She founded an Environmental education nonprofit before her time on Council. She said she's most proud of her work protecting residents facing foreclosures from Homeowners Associations -- an issue particularly affecting residents in Green Valley Ranch -- requiring licenses from landlords to improve conditions for renters and growing wage theft protections for workers.

"Listening to my constituents, I believe, has gotten me to this place right now," she said. "I have one phone, I pay for it personally, I will give my cell phone number out to anybody. You can text me a picture, you can call me. It doesn't matter what time, because I'm here to serve the community."

Looking to her next term, Gilmore said she wants to continue affordable housing and food access projects, and work on mental healthcare.

A wooded path through the First Creek Natural Playground in Denver's DIA neighborhood, Aug. 1, 2019. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

What's going on in the district?

One of the biggest issues in District 11 has been addressing food deserts in Montbello and Green Valley Ranch, especially after Montbello's sole Safeway grocery store closed in 2014. Toward the end of 2022, Council approved a loan for affordable housing and fresh food access in Montbello, and Green Valley Ranch is getting a Costco as part of a new mixed-use development slated to open later this year.

The Far Northeast has also struggled with transportation access for people who don't own a car. In 2021, Montbello piloted "The Connector," a free, on-demand transit service that takes residents on rides within a certain area. It's similar to Uber or Lyft in that it's a ride-hailing service, but it's free and city-run. Gilmore hopes to expand the program to Green Valley Ranch in coming years.

Like the rest of the city, affordable housing is major issue in the district. Last year, a range of apartments in Green Valley Ranch became "permanently affordable" for locals. The neighborhood has a bunch of land covenants, which restrict property use and improvements. Gilmore said she'll be looking at zoning and legislation for potential accessory dwelling units and group living opportunities. The district also hosts one of the city's safe camping sites, as part of an effort to support people experiencing homelessness.

The District includes the airport, which funds itself but gets budget approval and other oversight through the city. One big addition includes the Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation, an incoming workplace training center for aviation jobs, with a focus on opportunities for underrepresented groups in aviation. Another includes a partnership between DIA and Parks and Recreation, to oversee 580 acres of open space.

With new grocery stores, housing and open space coming to the area, Gilmore said she's looking forward to bringing more to District 11.

"Since we've kind of gotten some of our basic necessities met, folks are looking for entertainment options as well out in the Far Northeast," Gilmore said. "We shouldn't have to drive to Central Park or to Aurora for entertainment and for retail options, if we're really going to walk our talk and close that multi-mobility gap."

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