17th and 18th avenues are getting a safety overhaul

Here are the changes coming between Broadway and Colorado Boulevard.
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Leroy Williams waits to cross 17th Avenue at Garfield Street to get to City Park, May 16, 2017.
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

17th and 18th avenues — two fast-moving one-way streets, particularly as they approach downtown — are getting a safety overhaul as part of the city’s effort to end traffic deaths, a trend that has only increased in recent years

The proposed changes are just that: proposals. The city is still seeking feedback to refine the plan.

But what officials hear could reshape 17th and 18th avenues between Broadway and Colorado Boulevard.

How so?

Most notably, cars would drop down from three to two lanes of cars on 17th Avenue between Logan Street and Washington Street, and on 18th Avenue between Washington Street and Pennsylvania Street. This would decrease the number of lanes cyclists must cross along the Pearl Street bikeway.

The city would also add flashing crosswalks at those spots.

In an effort to speed up bus traffic, the city would also install curb extensions at eastbound bus stops along 17th Avenue that would expand space for riders and stop buses from pulling in and out of traffic, cutting down travel time.

The plan would add lane shifts at certain sections alongside 18th Avenue which would prompt cars to slow down.

The two avenues would also get curb extensions with paint and posts, extending the sidewalk line, improving visibility, shortening the crossing distance for pedestrians and slowing down cars.

But Denver is still a ways out from shovels in the ground.

The city plans to complete designs by spring of 2025 at the latest.

In the meantime, Denverites can give their feedback on the plan online.

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