Boulder treated the names of Orlando victims like graffiti

The city used a power washer to remove the names of the 49 victims from the Pearl Street Mall.
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Mourners chalked the names and ages of the 49 victims of Sunday's mass shooting in Orlando on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

Then the city got out its power washer. Photo after the jump.

City officials told the Daily Camera they were just following the rules.

"Of course, our thoughts and our prayers are with those affected by this heartbreaking act of violence. It was just what we needed to kind of get done this morning."

Despite its liberal, hippie reputation, Boulder can be a by-the-book town, particularly when it comes to graffiti.

Back in 2011, a mystery artist painted a series of Waldos on businesses around town. The iconic figures delighted most people, but the city threatened to fine any businesses that left them up.

But it's one thing to crack down on the fun and another entirely to obliterate a memorial in less than 24 hours.

Update: The city has put up chalkboards for messages.

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