The Garfield County sheriff is looking for a bunch of acid

Someone broke into the sewage treatment plant just outside Glenwood Springs over the weekend and stole volatile chemicals.
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Courtesy Garfield County Sheriff’s Office

Well, this is weird. Someone broke into the sewage treatment plant just outside Glenwood Springs over the weekend. Their motives are so far inscrutable, but they did do $50,000 worth of damage and steal some industrial acids.

The vandals broke in through windows and "completely ransacked" the office, along with a van parked outside, according to the Garfield County Sheriff's Office.

There were containers of three different types of acid inside the building. The vandals apparently spilled some of the acids and mixed some together on the site, then took a portion to go. It's unclear from the press release how much acid was stolen; we've asked for clarification.

"These acids are caustic and if improperly mixed or handled could be volatile," the sheriff's office warns. "If you see any suspicious containers, please contact authorities immediately. Do not try to handle these products yourself. Improper handling of these items could result in severe burns, scars or in some cases result in death."

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