Do you take one of the 18 bus routes from Civic Center Station? The station is about to close for a year

Starting July 3, Civic Center station in downtown Denver will close for a year. Find out where to get your bus in the meantime.
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What the finished product is expected to look like. (RTD)


Starting July 3, Civic Center station will close for a year in order to "get a much-needed facelift," according to RTD. Above, you can see what the work should do for the hub.

In addition to the prettier face, the construction will result in an easier to maintain structure, the agency says. There will also be a glass-enclosed terminal building and more open design elements.

But it's not all about looks. As Streetsblog Denver has noted, the station isn't very safe, at one point averaging 2.5 crashes each month.

All told, it will take $26 million dollars to bring Civic Center the updates it needs, the Denver Post reported in March.

In the meantime, the 15,000 or so people who use the station daily will hop on the bus from nearby blocks on Lincoln or Broadway, depending on the route. RTD has full instructions on how to board at the new locations, but here's a map that shows where each line boards.

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