The most and least stolen stuff in Denver, from iPhones to accordions

We tracked down the most common and the most unusual stolen items in Denver, from samurai swords to accordions, plus one unicycle.

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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Number of bicycles stolen in Denver last year: 1,241

Number of tricycles: 12

Number of unicycles: Just one, but I bet somebody cared about it.

The unicycle, a Raleigh, was taken from an open garage near City Park. It’s just one of the odd little crimes we turned up with a recent records request to Denver Police Department, whose staff graciously provided the following statistics.

I didn’t even know Casio made a phone.


Who steals one cufflink?

It’s not clear from the data we received whether that’s three cufflinks or three sets of cufflinks. I hope it’s sets. Nothing’s worse than having one cufflink, I assume. I don’t have any cufflinks.

Who steals an accordion?

Some of the most unusual items reported stolen:

  • 37 accordions, including 10 in one theft
  • 17 swords, “predominantly ‘samurai swords’ with dragon designs,” according to records coordinator Mary Dulacki
  • 13 blenders (various makes)
Keep your cash close.

Cash was by far the most stolen item, with $53,000 stolen in the single largest taking.

Items_most_often_reported_stolen_in_Denver,_2015__chartbuilder (1)
Jeep beats Subaru.

Presumably because this ain’t Boulder.

That’s all.

But if you’ve got a weird crime story, or a stolen unicycle, please get in touch: