How far from Denver will $62 of gas get you?

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Cars speed by on I-70 in between residential swaths of Globeville. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) 1-70; highway; infrastructure; development; kevinjbeaty; denver; colorado; globeville; denverite;

You could spend $62 on dinner in Denver tonight, or you could spend $62 driving to the Grand Canyon.

The map above comes from How Much, a "cost information website." (How Much also says I am required to refer to it as a "cost information website" if I want to share its maps.)

The map is supposed to show how far $50 in gas will get you at 24 miles per gallon, but gas prices have climbed by about 20 percent since it was published in February. I did some Google Maps math using the average U.S. price of regular gas in May ($2.27) for an updated estimate of the Grand Canyon trip.

Also, this map will make some electric and transit advocates mad because it doesn't show the environmental and infrastructure costs of burning gas on highways. Regardless, it stands as a pretty cool visualization of the benefits of living in the middle of everywhere.

Lastly, keep in mind that you'll need another $62 to get back.

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