For your next commute, here’s a long lesson on the evolution of craft beer

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Remember Evan Parent, the guy who unsuccessfully sued MillerCoors over its supposedly deceptive marketing of Blue Moon beer?

Well, he was featured recently on the podcast Theory of Everything – and the episode provides a deeper look into not just his reasoning (which I still find fairly silly) and the broader debate over the corporatization of the beer scene.

“I’m paying $7 for this pint when I could be drinking a Bud Light for $3," Parent says. "What I was willing to pay the $7 for was the fact that it was a craft beer.”

The episode goes on to explore the beer scene far and wide, touching not just on ingredients but economics. It's about an hour in all, split across two episodes.

Save them to your phone if you'd like to understand a bit more about the parade of breweries that's still marching into Denver – including the very newest one, which Ashley wrote about earlier this month.

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