A new poll shows Clinton and Trump running tight in Colorado

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Hillary will take over Colorado TV. (Photo Illustration: Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite | Source Images: The White House/Flickr, Matýsek/Flickr)

Hillary Clinton has a big national lead over Donald Trump in one new poll, yet a separate "battleground states" survey finds she's up by just one percentage point in Colorado. It may be statistical noise, but it's likely going to keep the state front-and-center in the political discussion.

The national poll, by the Washington Post and ABC News, found 51 percent of respondents would vote today for Clinton, while only 39 percent would support Trump. (Apparently 10 percent of the electorate is holding its head in its hands while rocking slowly to and fro.)

Meanwhile, the CBS News Battleground Tracker shows Clinton is at 40 percent in Colorado to Trump's 39 percent. That's the slimmest of a handful of leads for Clinton holds in key states in that poll. Clinton is doing better even in hotly contested North Carolina than Colorado, the poll found.

This already has some people talking about a "Colorado clash."

But it's impossible to say for sure right now.

Both the national and state polls have roughly 4-point margins of error, making this kind of single-point comparison fairly uninformative. RealClearPolitics does not list any other recent presidential polls in Colorado.

Still, Clinton's campaign itself seems to see something of a battle in Colorado. Hillary for America already has launched a half-million dollar ad barrage here.

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