Nederland and its firefighter family are still looking for Geno the big good dog

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An image of Geno the missing St. Bernard, as he appeared on Bretlyn Schmidtmann’s Facebook page. (Bretlyn Schmidtmann /Facebook)

One of the first homes destroyed by the Cold Springs Fire belonged to the Schmidtmanns, a married couple of firefighters. They stayed on the job, joining hundreds of other firefighters to save other peoples' homes.

Now the wildfire's coming under control – but the Schmidtmanns are still looking for Geno, a "4 year old doofus with a heart as big as all my fluff." He is a St. Bernard, and he's not wearing a collar.

Both of the couple's dogs ran away as the fire approached the home, the Boulder Daily Camera reported. Their lab/husky mix, Clyde, is back in safe hands, and a community fundraiser has collected nearly $80,000 on the family's behalf – but no one has seen Geno yet.

The couple finally made it back to the remains of their home on Tuesday. They sifted through ash for "a heart wrenching hour," making sure that the big good boy hadn't stayed behind in his crate, according to Bretlyn Schmidtmann's Facebook account.

"We are convinced that he was able to make it out of the house," her post read. "We would really love to have him back if someone has found him, but would be thankful to simply know he's safe."

That is absolutely heartbreaking to read, but I think he'll come back too. As one commenter noted, he is a very smart boy.

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