Remember that time Mark Sanchez ate a hot dog during a game?

The NFL’s Twitter account does.

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The NFL decided to have a little fun via Twitter on what is apparently National Hot Dog Day. The league’s social media team dragged back up footage of Mark Sanchez, then with the Jets, eating a hot dog on the sidelines of a 2009 game against the Oakland Raiders.

Sanchez squeezed mustard onto the dog then wolfed it down toward the end of New York’s 38-0 blowout of Oakland. Cameras caught Sanchez in the act, and for some reason, he later felt the need to apologize for his mid-game snack.

The halcyon days of 2009, everybody! Sanchez quarterbacked the Jets all the way to the AFC Championship that year, where they fell to the Colts.

There’s a strong chance that Sanchez will be in the Denver Broncos’ starting QB when the team opens the season Sept. 8 against Carolina.