No, private citizens cannot operate Goosinator robots on Denver park land

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Screengrab of the Goosinator.

Remember we reached out to Denver Parks and Recreation to see if you can legally deploy your own Goosinator on park land in the war on geese?

Well trust us, we did. And the city said no.

Actually, they said:

"An individual person could use a Goosinator on his/her own property, or on property that they have approval to be on. Having said this, however, I do not know if the company that makes these machines, is in the business of selling smaller units for private owners. You would have to contact them directly at to find that out.

As far as Denver Park properties, we do not allow private citizens (other than trained DPR volunteers) to deploy Goosinators on park land."

Bummer! But you can apply to be a volunteer in the "Goosinator Operator Program" here.

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