Denver in 5 minutes: Here’s what you need to know today, July 30

Yes, it’s going to be hot again. Here’s what else you need to know today.

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Yes, it’s going to be hot again. Maybe grab a summery cocktail? Don’t forget that S. Broadway will be swarmed this afternoon and evening with Underground Music Showcase revelers. Here’s what else you need to know today:

Donald Trump told a Denver crowd that as president he’d win more than the Denver Broncos.

Meanwhile, Broncos fans are abuzz over an amazing catch made by a player at training camp hoping to make this year’s roster.

Here are things to do in Denver this weekend.

Here’s what Trump supporters at the Denver event told us: “I like that he says what he feels.”

This was hours after Trump told a Colorado Springs crowd that their fire marshal was incompetent and probably a Hillary Clinton supporter. (Colorado Independent)

U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn was at the Colorado Springs event, but Sunday he’ll be in Denver leading a team of Republicans — in a boat entered in the races at this weekend’s Dragon Boat Festival. (PR)

Firefighters rescued a girl accidentally trapped in a hot car in Aurora yesterday. (7) ????

In her convention speech, Clinton wondered aloud why Trump doesn’t make ties in Colorado — so here’s who does make ties in Colorado. (DP)

Big Denver names leaving their outlets: Woody Paige is leaving the Denver Post (Update: He’s going to the Colorado Springs Gazette!) and Greg Moss is leaving 9News. (Westword/DP)

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