Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, July 31

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It's the last day of two excellent events: The Underground Music Showcase, which brings a really wonderful variety to downtown Denver, and the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, which is super popular for both obvious and subtle reasons.

Sadly, we weren't invited to the Koch brothers' "exclusive weekend retreat" in Colorado, and maybe neither did Donald Trump. Once again, there's not much love between the billionaires and the maybe-a-billionaire.

In other Trump-Colorado news, his own team probably got him stuck in an elevator here. In other dragon-boat news, Darryl Glenn's team is not particularly good at dragon boating.

Meanwhile, environmentalists are planning to focus some of their campaigning in Colorado in this year's elections. (The Hill)

Over at the Denver Post, the columnist Woodie Paige just wrote his last column before departing for the Colorado Springs Gazette. (DP)

Meanwhile, the Post finds that Colorado does a remarkably bad job of checking doctors' criminal records. As a result, one kept practicing for years here after losing his license to fraud allegations elsewhere. (DP)

This weekend, sadly, brought more gun violence to Denver.

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