Colorado restaurant entrepreneur Kimbal Musk shares thoughts about the future of food

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The Kitchen co-founder Kimbal Musk (Courtesy of The Kitchen)

From the man who brought us the fine-dining restaurant The Kitchen and its slightly more affordable companion The Kitchen Next Door comes a vision for the future of food.

That future could be centered around vegetables raised indoors and lab-grown meat, Kimbal Musk said last month during a speech at the World Future Society's annual summit.

Musk recently followed up his keynote with an interview with The Washington Post.

He told the newspaper we could see more vertical farming which allows for produce to be raised indoors, in stacks and under LED lights. This approach to crop production could lead to more farm-to-table eating like what's offered at The Kitchen.

Musk co-founded The Kitchen in Boulder in 2002. The restaurant company now has a nonprofit arm and locations in Denver, Fort Collins and Chicago. Musk also sits on the board of directors for Tesla Motors, where his brother Elon Musk is CEO.

Kimbal Musk told the Wold Future Society in July that vertical farming could lead to vegetables grown on the moon.

"When future generations eventually inhabit the moon, vertical farming may be how people eat fruits and veggies there," The Post references Musk saying.

Perhaps less appealing than warehouse farms or lunar lima beans is the idea of scientists making "meat." But plant-based, fake meat is what it will take to meet global demand for chicken, beef and pork, Kimbal said.

He'll be one of the "lucky" guys who gets to test it.

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