The Balloon Boy family made a bonkers music video endorsing Trump

“This is a movement / A frickin’ movement”
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A still from the Heene Boyz’s “The Youth in America for Trump.” (YouTube)

A moment from the Heene Boyz's "The Youth in America for Trump." (YouTube)

Hey, remember Balloon Boy? Would you rather not? That's too bad, because his family did something weird and we're going to talk about it.

The Heene Boyz, as the family band is known, made a music video in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Yeah, this is less weird than the time in 2009 when the Heene family (then living in Colorado) told everyone their young song Falcon was careening about the skies in a weather balloon, but only slightly less so.

And, this time, the whole thing is pretty definitely not a hoax.

It's hard to say which lyrics in this nu-metal jam are the real standouts, but here are a select few:

Made in America / Proud to be an American / Welcome to America / Good to be an American

Trump! Trump Trump! / Trump! Trump Trump!

This is a movement / A frickin' movement


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