Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Aug. 9

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Hey, howdy, hey. Here's the big news and some little tidbits out of Denver and its solar system today:

The ballot:

We have a pretty good idea today of what you'll be voting on come November, besides America's greatness-or-not. Colorado voters are likely to make decisions about health care, the minimum wage, fracking, slavery and more.

For your fun:

Tonight you can get drunk and learn about history. Who wouldn't like that?


I'm sorry to say that the Rockies bandwagon may be slowing down. They just lost a game, they are dangerously close to missing the playoffs and now they have to make a difficult choice.

Also, Tim Tebow wants to play baseball, to pretty much everyone's amusement.


Guess who's most likely to smoke weed? Young Westerners who don't go to church. Also, there may be a lot more cannabis users these days.


Denver has been arguing forever about how lawsuits affect condo development. The Wall Street Journal deigned to write about it, and our own Megan Arellano has the context check.

Oh, and also:

What's cooler than having your own ZIP code? Maybe one or two things, but still, read it.

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