Try Denver’s B-Cycle for less than $5 this month

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A B-Cycle station on 13th in Capitol Hill. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Denver's shared bicycle system is having a sale.

Through August 31, the B-Cycle program will charge $4.95 per half hour of riding. (Of course, you can still get cheaper prices if you buy a pass.)

This follows a price change that the B-Cycle program made earlier this summer. Rather than getting a $9 all-day pass, riders are now paying $7 for just half an hour. That is the "most expensive half-hour fee in the country," according to Streetsblog, who brought this month's discount to our attention.

For comparison, local bus trips on RTD cost $2.60. So, you're paying significantly more to get around on B-Cycle, but it also is a more flexible (and fun, depending on who you are) mode of transportation.

Streetsblog's David Sachs argues that the problem is not so much pricing but a lack of good bike lanes, and the fact that the B-Cycle network is "spread too thin."

Our own Megan Arellano asked that same question a few weeks ago; B-Cycle's leadership told her they were going for density in the most popular areas. 

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