Casa Bonita is hiring divers, so literally take the leap

This is your moment, dreamers.


This is your moment, dreamers. Take the leap.

Become a Casa Bonita diver.

Seriously, they’re hiring divers right now. Right as you’ve been getting inspired as hell by the Rio Olympics.

And — bonus — unlike Olympic diving, diving at Casa Bonita is a year-round job. In fact, it’s the only year-round diving job in Denver, according to this neat-o recruitment video:

Now, if you have zero diving experience, this could be a difficult road. But if you have some basic-to-advanced diving skills (lookin’ at you, high school diving team) you’ll be off to a great start.

A Casa Bonita employee tells us divers are required to know a certain set of dives: a forward one-half twist dive, a swan dive and a reverse swan dive.

They’re also looking for divers who are comfortable scaling the rocks and diving off a cliff, rather than a board.

Starting pay is $10-$12 an hour, depending on the diver’s skill level, and the restaurant offers promotions to any diver willing to learn fire juggling and incorporate that into dives.

And a diving gig at the “Disneyland of Mexican restaurants” could be the start of a beautiful, splashy career. In 2014, diver Ethan Larson told NPR, “We have former divers working as professional divers all over the country, doing dive shows at amusement parks [and] competing in cliff diving [competitions].”

If juggling fire and diving off a cliff in a Mexican restaurant sounds like the best job (why wouldn’t it?), call 303-232-5275 to schedule an audition.

If you need some tips, look no further than this super helpful video with Olympian Tom Daley.

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