Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Aug. 20


Before you go out and enjoy the perfect weather, catch up on all the Colorado news.


Employers across the state have added thousands of jobs, but the Colorado unemployment rate has risen. (DP)

But — good news — the metro Denver unemployment rate it down. (DBJ)


An Adams County man is going to prison for 36 years for his role in killing three people. (AP)

A pedestrian was seriously injured after being struck by a struck by a car downtown last night. The driver is suspected to have been drunk. (9)


The Rockies rewarded incredibly patient (or stubborn) fans by coming back from a rain delay to beat the Cubs in the 11th inning. (DP)

The Broncos take on the 49ers today in their first pre-season home game. By our last count, they’ll play 134,631 quarterbacks. (Denverite)

Things to do

A board game bar opened today, and the Big Wonderful is throwing a tailgate party. (Denverite)


A Denver dog park had to close because so many people weren’t picking up after their pups. (7)