Denver Nuggets’ Wilson Chandler: I caught an unbelievably huge fish

Angler. Vegan. He contains multitudes.
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The Denver Nuggets' Wilson Chandler is many things: A versatile basketball player capable of playing both forward positions; a vegan, who said he switched over to the diet because of a girl; and, apparently, an OK angler.

On Sunday, images and video showed Chandler reeling in a fish called a goliath grouper that looks to be about the same size as a Toyota Corolla. The fish was between 300 and 350 pounds.

Chandler made sure to document his catch on the 'gram because if you caught an enormous fish and didn't post about it on social media, did it even really happen?

The goliath grouper was one of two Chandler caught on that day. He also got a silky shark that measured 9 1/2 feet long, according to Ben Chancey, the host of the Chew on This YouTube fishing show who was Chandler's guide for the day.

“We put him through the test," Chancey said. "He’s a professional athlete, so we didn’t give him any breaks.”

We're not totally clear how this squares with being a vegan, but there is a difference between diet and lifestyle, and Chandler did not eat the fish.

After snapping a couple photos with his catches, Chandler and the crew let them go.

Chandler made the catches off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.

“This time of year, there’s a migration that goes on (there)," Chancey said. "So we kind of know where they are. You get a chance to catch some big ones."

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