Predictable twist: Chipotle’s ShopHouse chain will try making burritos too

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Mmm, smells like gender discrimination. (Christine Chau/Flickr)

Chipotle just can't stop with the burritos, even at its Asian cuisine-themed spinoff. Why not? That's the odd part.

So, first of all, Chipotle (headquartered in Denver) does own a chain called ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen. It has 15 locations in Chicago and on the coasts.

And now some weird act of fast-casual destiny has caused college students to keep bringing their own tortillas to ShopHouse, Washingtonian reports. Their own tortillas!

What's even stranger is that ShopHouse employees supposedly would accept these guerrilla tortillas and make burritos from them. That's interesting. McDonald's isn't going to let you walk in there with some rye bread for your McMuffin. Is that even allowed?

The idea got popular enough that ShopHouse decided to make it a test item at one of its D.C. restaurants, according to Washingtonian. We'll see if it spreads from there.

Alternatively, maybe this is all some weirdly elaborate corporate fiction?

I haven't seen any proof that this menu hacking happened, besides a Chipotle employee telling Washingtonian that it did.

Maybe this is the fast-casual equivalent of Batman v. Superman -- a clever marketing stunt that rolls all your favorite brands into one new thing? Remember how crazy people went for Doritos tacos at Taco Bell? People love when stuff they recognize from different things gets put together in the same thing.

However, I did find at least a few dudes on Twitter who have dreamt about this day:

Whatever the story, it's happening, and you're still not going to taste it anytime soon in Denver.

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