Peak Colorado: Breweries next to CrossFit!

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Trve Brewing in Denver. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)

Imagine hustling across a room carrying a tractor tire, jumping onto and off of some blocks a foot high a bunch of times, then running out in a line with your CrossFit buddies onto the sidewalk on South Broadway, only to immediately run, sweating like pigs, through a bit of cigarette smoke and in front of bearded hopheads wearing T-shirts that say things like "Call of the Void" in angry lettering.

Imagine, that is, the perfect Denver-in-the-2010s scene.

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The first time I encountered a brewery next to a CrossFit gym, it was Trve Brewing, the first of Denver's two metal-themed breweries.

Here's Trve Brewing.
Here's CrossFit Broadway.
CrossFit Broadway. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)

I thought it was a pretty amazing juxtaposition, and probably -- hopefully? -- unique to Denver. But it didn't occur to me that it could be something Denver would specialize in until the next time I passed Renegade Brewing.

Here's Renegade Brewing.
Renegade Brewing in Denver. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)
Here's CrossFit DeCO.
CrossFit DeCO. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)
And here they are together.
Renegade Brewing and CrossFit DeCO. Perfect neighbors. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)

Amazing. Beautiful, even. They're close together, too. I had those in my mind and kind of tucked them away, figuring I'd come across another one one day. Well, I didn't, and being a dad, I'm not really touring the new breweries a lot right now -- kind of in a routine, if I'm honest.

So while making plans with a friend who is more reliably up to speed on the beer scene...


But what he didn't tell me is that there would be two breweries next to a CrossFit gym.

Here's New Image Brewing.
New Image Brewing in Arvada. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)
Here's Grand Lake Brewing Tavern.
Grand Lake Brewing Tavern in Arvada. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)
Grand Lake Brewing Tavern in Arvada. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)
Here's Prospect CrossFit.
Prospect CrossFit in Arvada. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)
And here's a photo with two breweries and a CrossFit gym.
Two breweries and a CrossFit gym in Olde Town Arvada. (Dave Burdick/Denverite)
Reader-submitted brewery-CrossFit neighbors!

We've already been getting reader-submitted locations.

Vigilant Denverite reader Max Miller submitted in Golden's Holidaily Brewing Company and 5280 CrossFit, both located at 801 Brickyard Circle.

Longtime Denverite subscriber and tall drink of water David Pennington wrote in: "Copper Kettle is right next to Front Range CrossFit." So it is! So it is! Both are located at 1338 S. Valentia St.

He also said: "If you adjust your search parameters some:  Alpine Dog is around the corner from CrossFit Colfax. Blackshirt Brewing is within one block from GenFit and CrossFit Verve. Jagged Mountain Brewing is across the street from YogaPod. Spangalang is right downstairs from Flex Yoga/Barre. LowDown is adjacent to Vital Strength."

But unfortunately I'm a purist.

But there must be more.

In Aspen, there's a brewery inside a space that used to be a CrossFit gym. And Asheville, N.C., has a CrossFit gym called Beer City.

Do you know of more places where there are breweries next to CrossFit gyms? I MUST KNOW.

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