Libertarian Lily Tang Williams will participate in the first Colorado Senate debate after all

New voter registration numbers show the Libertarians breaking the crucial 1 percent mark.

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It had looked like the first debate of the Colorado Senate race would be a two-party affair, but the business group Club 20 will extend an invitation to the Libertarian Party candidate as well.

To participate, candidates’ parties need to represent at least 1 percent of registered voters. The Colorado Independent had reported that Lily Tang Williams missed the cut-off by 0.023 percent. Ouch.

Today, though, the Denver Post reports that new voter registration numbers put the Libertarians over the top, with 1.02 percent. Event organizers said that means Williams will get an invitation to Saturday’s debate, which marks the unofficial start of the fall campaign season.

“I’m going to tell people that I offer a real third option,” Williams told the Post. “The two-party duopoly in our country has not worked well.”

Green Party candidate Arn Menconi still doesn’t qualify.

The two-party duopoly is represented in the Senate race by Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet and Republican challenger Darryl Glenn.

A representative of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce said Bennet and Glenn remain the only invited candidates at their forum planned for Oct. 17.