When you meet someone in your neighborhood, what are the chances that they look like you?

Look at the most and least diverse areas in Denver.
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Map showing racial and ethnic diversity in Denver. (Adrian D. Garcia/Denverite)

Denver's Country Club neighborhood is one of the least diverse places in the city, according to today's Chart of the Week.

The chart shows that most of the diversity in Denver is clustered around the edges of the city, with the most diverse neighborhood being Montbello.

For the analysis, we used population data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the USA Today Diversity Index. The index was invented in 1991 by Phil Meyer of the University of North Carolina and Shawn McIntosh of USA Today. It measures the chance that two people chosen randomly from an area will be different by race and ethnicity.

In Country Club there is only a 16 percent chance residents will bump into someone of a different race or ethnicity. That's compared to a 90 percent chance of neighbors meeting someone of a different race or ethnicity in Montbello.

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