Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Sept. 8

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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If you don’t know, soon you’ll know… some news about Denver. We’ve got a beloved coffee shop closing, a tightening presidential race and a good read on the marijuana security industry, among other stuff.

A local coffee favorite is closing.

Goodnight, Rooster & Moon. I’ve never met you, but my friends sure do love you. Also, separately, goodnight illegal drinking club in Five Points. (Denverite)

Trump may be catching up in Colorado.

And other places too. Washington Post and SurveyMonkey find Clinton and Trump in a dead heat in Colorado, especially when you include third-party candidates. Another new poll finds Clinton has a lead of 5 points, but it still shows the race tightening. Still, the bookies still have Clinton winning overall, especially because a lot of conservative states are up for grabs. (Denverite)

Colorado’s veterans are guarding its marijuana.

The New York Times has a story today about the unique role that combat veterans play in the cannabis industry. As it turns out, if you’ve got a ton of drugs and money to protect, you’ll want to find some folks who know about guns, as Julie Turkewitz reports.  “This is my therapy,” one veteran says of his new watchdog role. (NYT)

On a related note, I guess nobody is guarding the sanctity of online weed reviews. (L.A. Times)

Denver’s campaign to ban drug users from the parks is happening now.

So far, five apparently homeless people have been suspended from certain public spaces. (Denverite) Meanwhile, Chris Walker finds that police are continuing to “sweep” homeless camps at more frequent rates. (Westword)

Seasons are happening.

Peak fall foliage is still a ways out, but our Stephanie Snyder found autumn in the mountains. (Denverite)

Fewer condos are selling in Denver this year.

That’s probably because builders aren’t putting up that much new inventory. However, condos for rich people are selling very well, which means that developers will continue to focus on that end of the market, as Megan Arellano explains. (Denverite)

The Broncos play today.

I have nothing to say except this: Read Christian Clark’s stuff on football, because it’s more fun if you know what on earth is happening.