Report: Cinemark won’t try to collect $700,000 from victims of the Aurora theater shooting

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The Century 16, site of the Aurora theater shootings. (Algr/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Cinemark chain won't try to collect nearly $700,000 from victims of the 2012 massacre at its Century 16 theater in Aurora, the Denver Post reports.

Separate groups of victims had sued the chain in both federal and state court, alleging that security at the theater wasn't good enough. Both groups lost their cases. Afterward, Cinemark sought $699,000 in legal costs from 15 of the state-level plaintiffs, as the LA Times reported.

It's unclear whether the theater wanted to use that sum as leverage. A source reportedly told the LA Times that the theater never intended to collect that money. In any case, the state case is over now, with Cinemark declaring in Arapahoe County court that it won't seek the money and that the lawsuit is effectively over, according to the Post's John Ingold.

Only two victims are still pursuing a lawsuit in federal court, while others have been allowed to leave that case without paying legal bills, the Post reports.

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