Kimbal Musk talks about expanding The Kitchen’s mission to Memphis

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Diners at The Kitchen Denver. (Davis Tilly Photography/The Kitchen)

Kimbal Musk has used his Kitchen restaurants in Boulder and Denver to build up Colorado's local food economy, including community gardens at public schools.

Last month he brought the restaurant and its mission to Memphis.

Diners at The Kitchen Denver. (Davis Tilly Photography/The Kitchen)

He hopes the restaurants can help local, organic food operations take back some of the surrounding cropland from the cotton industry, according to a new profile in FastCompany.

"Once a farmer is trained in how to sell to our restaurant, they can sell anywhere," he tells FastCo. As for consumers: "...Our goal is to bring real food to the masses. It would be distracting from the mission to do otherwise."

Musk plans to open another Next Door (a spin-off of the Kitchen) in Memphis next year.

Back in Colorado, Cherry Creek is slated to get a Kitchen this fall, while a Next Door will open in Stapleton this winter.

Kimbal is the brother of Elon Musk, and both made a ton of money on PayPal.

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