RiNo’s new Freight Residences wins design award

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This building won an award. (Courtesy of Dynia Architects)

This building won an award. (Courtesy of JC Buck)

Dynia Architects won a Design Excellence Merit Award from the American Institute for Architects Western Mountain Region for the Freight Residences at Zeppelin's Taxi development.

The new four-story addition adds 48 units of one-, three- and four-bedroom units to the development, according to Dynia Architects. All of the units have their own operable glass garage door, kinda like your favorite coffee shops and bars. So it probably won't surprise you to learn that building was fully occupied in less than six months after opening its doors to residents.
If you're now scoffing to yourself, saying, "It doesn't look so different from the Source or other buildings Zeppelin's made in this city," you're at least partly right! Freight Residences is Dynia’s fifth completed project for Zeppelin, and Dynia notes that three more projects are currently under construction.
Kyle Zeppelin of Zeppelin Development says the collaboration has been fruitful:
“These projects have transformed Zeppelin Development from a small, boutique firm to a nationally recognized developer of urban properties," he said in a press release. "That recognition is in no small part due to Dynia Architects' signature designs and innovative approach.”
Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the division of American Institute for Architects that gave the award. The American Institute for Architects Western Mountain Region gave the award. 

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