Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Sept. 30

Read all of this now and just text the rest of Friday off. We won’t tell.
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A view of Denver in winter. (R0uge/Wikimedia Commons)

A view of Denver in winter. (R0uge/Wikimedia Commons)

Read all of this now and just take the rest of Friday off. We won't tell.

Watch as Denverites turn something ugly into art

"Duct Work" is beautifying the I-70 viaduct. (Denverite)

Denver's violent crime rate is actually pretty steady

As the population goes up, so does the number of murders. (Denverite)

Ever heard of a drug called kratom?

Denver recently made it illegal and the federal government could follow. (Denverite)

Where to see a "Harry Potter" reading, a Danny Brown show or a lip sync battle

And approximately 3 bajillion other things to do. (Denverite)

The city will try to be more transparent

No one wants a repeat of the homeless sweeps funds controversy. (Denverite)

Do you have opinions about mobility, land use or parks?

Denver wants to hear from you at these Denveright community meetings. (Denverite)

Broncos vs. Buccaneers: An odd QB matchup

Trevor Siemian and Jameis Winston have less in common than you and your high school boyfriend (if you and your high school boyfriend are both pro QBs). (Denverite)

Some local schools are at the center of a big case

The U.S. Supreme Court is taking on a Douglas County case about schools’ obligations to disabled students. (Chalkbeat)

No mistaking pot brownies for regular brownies after today

At least not the ones sold in stores. Starting Saturday, all edible marijuana products in Colorado must have a diamond-shaped stamp and the letters T-H-C right on the edible.

These historical circus photos are "fun"... the sense that it's fun to look into the past and think, "What were people thinking?" (Denverite)

What Tommy John surgery?

Tyler Chatwood had an improbably good season. (Denverite)

The Nuggets are halfway through training camp

Here's what coach Mike Malone has to say about his team. (DP)

Denver is getting uno mas Uno Mas

The locally sourced street taco joint is opening a new location across the street from Don's. (Denverite)

Need a job?

Denver got a $423,000 grant to help workers find retail jobs. (Denverite)

 No suspects were caught after yesterday's bank robbery

Two men evaded a police search yesterday evening. (Denverite)

Trump will stop in Pueblo on Monday

The visit has been added before an already scheduled stop in Loveland. (7) ?

Here's a pro Denver tip

Pretending to have a significant stake in the Broncos and threatening John Elway is a bad idea. (Denverite)

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