Former Broncos player Jacob Tamme says that wasn’t “locker-room talk”

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Jacob Tamme as a Denver Bronco. (Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons)

As you likely know by now, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2005 said that he grabbed women by their genitals, that he kissed them without asking and that "when you're a star, they let you do it."

In Sunday's debate, Trump denied sexually assaulting anyone and played the comments off as mere "locker-room talk," insinuating that it was just the kind of meaningless banter that men trade all the time.  People who spend a lot of time in locker rooms aren't so sure, including one recent Denver Broncos player.

Jacob Tamme, now a tight end with the Atlanta Falcons, wants Trump to “please stop saying ‘locker room talk,'" according to the Associated Press. He added that “it’s not normal. And even if it were normal, it’s not right.”

Tamme was a Bronco from the 2012 to 2014 seasons. He was one of several professional athletes to make similar statements about the "locker room" justification.

Tamme also tweeted a running commentary on the debate, including this summary: "I showered after our game but I feel like I need another one after watching the debate."

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