Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Oct. 30

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A painted house at Logan and Alameda. (Andrew Keney/Denverite)

Why not start the day with a bunch of <a href="" target="_blank">beautifully painted houses</a>? (Andrew Kenney/Denverite)

Ah Sunday. Time to settle in, get cozy and read the news. 

Trump suggests that Colorado ballots may be thrown out

Colorado's Secretary of State’s Office releases information each morning on ballots returns. Lynn Bartels, a spokeswoman for Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams (a Republican), found the prospect unlikely, to say the least. (Denverite)

Leading a church is complicated in an election season like this one

I didn't realize that churches can lose their tax-exempt status if they promote individual candidates. That leaves imams, rabbis, pastors and more striking a balance. (Denver Post)

The A Line got a deadline

The federal government has been allowing the A Line and its dysfunctional crossing gates to operate under a temporary waiver of rules. Now the line has until Nov. 5, which is a three-week extension of an earlier deadline. (DBJ)

Paying with cash costs $5 extra at the Pepsi Center

The purpose is to improve efficiency and safety, but some don't like the new system. (CBS4)

The Avs won against the Arizona Coyotes

Just a day earlier, the team was looking a little rusty. But they mustered enough energy to win this one. (AP)

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