Where are Denver voters more likely to favor Trump?

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Donald Trump campaign signs. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Perhaps like me, you feel like you see more Hillary signs than Trump signs across the city. And sure, registered Democrats in Denver outnumber registered Republicans at a more than 3:1 rate.

But even in Denver, there are 55,969 registered Republicans. Some of them likely support the party's candidate. So where do they live?

New research from Gallup suggests that zip codes with heavy mortgage-interest burdens or more people receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit are more likely to favor Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Even after taking into account a range of socioeconomic factors, some economic conditions were more likely to favor Trump, the Post reports.

Unfortunately, I don't have a map of mortgage interests payments relative to incomes. But using available data from the Brookings Institute, I can make a map that shows which zip codes more frequently claimed the EITC in 2013, which is only available to low-wage workers. The deeper red the zip code, the more likely that some Trump supporters may live there.

It's hardly a perfect indicator. Elsewhere in Colorado, like my home zip code of 80542, I doubt that the percentage of EITC claimants correlates well to likely Trump voters. Over in 80542, I've seen more Trump signs than anywhere else I've been in the state, and it's got a pretty low percentage of EITC claimants.

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