Things to do in Denver: Election distraction edition

Need to take your mind off the election tonight? Here’s what you should do.
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Courtney Barnett. (Paul Hudson/Flickr)

Courtney Barnett. (Paul Hudson/Flickr)

Need to take your mind off the election tonight? Here's what you should do.

Go feel all the f---ing feelings with Courtney Barnett tonight at the Ogden Theatre, 935 E. Colfax Ave.

Alex G opens, tickets are $32.50, the show starts at 8 p.m. and I honestly cannot think of a better Election Night distraction.

But I guess there are other options...

You could attend the weekly songwriter’s open mic at Syntax Physic Opera, 554 S. Broadway.

Local songwriters Rachael Pollard and Anthony Ruptak are the hosts. Sign-up begins at 7:30 p.m., mic opens at 8 p.m. and there’s no cover charge.

Stop by to perform or just enjoy some local talent.

Or you could go see "An Act of God" at the Garner Galleria Theatre, 1101 13th St.

In the play the New York Times called "deliriously funny" (try not to lose your mind?), God takes on a human form and sets the record straight.

Tonight's performance is at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $47.

And, of course, the Denver Film Festival is still in full swing.

You could go see a coming-of-age tale out of Iceland, a post-apocalyptic arthouse horror flick out of Mexico or a "Greek tragedy updated with the action of a Western" out of France. Or, like, a million other films. Just duck into a theater and escape.

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