Nederland bomb suspect pleads not guilty

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A man has pleaded not guilty to leaving a backpack bomb outside a police station in a small Colorado mountain town.

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered 64-year-old David Michael Ansberry jailed without bond. Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Holloway told the judge Ansberry is dangerous, saying his explosive device was sophisticated and contained arsenic.

Investigators say Ansberry was arrested in the Oct. 11 incident after surveillance video captured him buying cellphones he expected to trigger the explosive in the town of Nederland.

He was easily recognizable because he is 3 feet 6 inches tall, 100 pounds and uses crutches. Authorities say he tried several times to remotely detonate the device but failed.

Holloway described Ansberry as a transient. His public defender, Shira Kieval, expressed concerns about his health but did not dispute his detention.

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