What Denver needs now is a viral internet trend. Enter #MannequinChallenge.

Some of the best videos in Denver of people doing #manequinchallenge.
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Mannequin. (oripdx/Pixabay)

Mannequin. (oripdx/Pixabay)

The last week has been a little rough for some of us in Colorado.

A harrowing election cycle culminated in the election neither Democrats or Republicans could believe. That lost alpaca in Boulder never found its owner. And, oh, Facebook thought some of us were dead.

Fortunately, a few of us have found a way to just pause for a second and take it all in. It's called the "Mannequin Challenge." It's pretty obvious why it's named that. Like most things on the internet, it's less obvious why the challenge exists or has gone viral.

But alas here are some of the best videos in Denver of people doing #MannequinChallenge.

Here's what's believed to be the original video from Edward H White High School in Jacksonville, Florida.

If you do the challenge tweet us the video at @Dnvrite.

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